February 22nd, 2010

James Dean 3.0 [Contemplating]

And You've got your good intentions focused so tight, And now it hurts me so to have to see you go

So this isn't something that I have not known about myself, but it's a fact that I oftentimes fail to mention and try to avoid, in hopes that it might suddenly, magically go away. First of all, this may be the root of the problem, but I seem to have an unnatural ability to see the beauty in every single person that I come across - whether it's their hair, eyes, mouth, skin, cheekbones, hips, what have you, nine times out of ten I can find at least one flattering physical trait. There's rarely ever a case where I come across somebody and think that they are 100% unattractive - and even in the rare instances I do, if I see them over a certain amount of time, I can find something attractive about them eventually. Maybe that's the root of the problem, the fact that I guess in a way personalize every single person I comne into contact with, and refuse to see the ugliness, flaws or neutrality of the situation. I think of and look for the best in everyone, and assume that everyone else does the same as me, as naive as that is and sounds.

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