July 9th, 2010

Chris Fine

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Oh yeah...

DEBT FREE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THREE MONTHS YEARS!!!! (Shoot...wish it had just been three months, haha)

Haha so, so tempted to go blow my weekly budget and go shopping on
iTunes or the mall or something but I'm trying to still save $$.

And I will have time for all that in 2 weeks when I'll be on vacation for 3 weeks!!!
Technically with the money I've been saving the past few months, I could blow all of my next paycheck on vacation and clothes and shopping and such as; but hopefully I won't. I know I might get bored/lonely up there and it's so easy for that to turn into shopping and blowing it on stupid things just for the feel at the moment (IDK if its normal but I get a temp. 'high' sometimes spending money). Hopefully, hopefully I will stay disciplined and won't spend it all since it's an exorbant amount of money to spend in three months weeks but OMG this is such a huge, amazing accomplishment and am happy that I'm finally debt free. eeeeee!

Does anyone use AIM anymore? I haven't been on that in the longest....
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Adam Levin

Be here just for the moment, Stay here never go home,

Did you know that everything she ever does is for You?

Sorry...third update in a row, but I love the new Maroon 5 song "Misery". Have been in a Maroon 5 mood lately anyways, I don't curr about the haters, I love their music seeing as I have both their albums, two live albums, one EP and their remix album haha. Can't wait to hear the whole thing ##september21 ##thanxtwitter ##trendingtopics
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