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"Worst Week in Washington": And the winner is....Joe Barton!

Texas Rep. Joe Barton (R) provided a perfect example of snatching defeat from the jaws of political victory on Thursday -- and, in so doing, engineered a come-from-behind victory for the Fix's "Worst Week in Washington" award.

On Thursday, Barton -- in his prepared remarks (!) -- apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward for the way he was treated by the White House during a meeting on Thursday.

Um, what?

Democrats pounced -- the Fix email inbox rapidly filled up with calls of condemnation from the White House on down -- and Barton, under pressure from his party leadership, first apologized for his comments and then retracted his initial apology. Got all of that?

What Barton's antics accomplished was to take the focus off of a president and an Administration clearly still struggling to wrap their arms around the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Obama's address was widely panned by the punditocracy and a growing number of local elected officials along the coast are taking to the cable chat shows to decry the federal government's handling of the environmental disaster.

But, thanks to Joe Barton, all anyone is talking about today is his apology.

Not good. But, plenty good to win our "Worst Week in Washington".

By Chris Cillizza | June 18, 2010; 9:45 AM ET
Categories: Worst Week in Washington


I had to post this...I consider myself moderate and do not tend to post news articles or commentary about current events that much, but this really upset me and made me angry. I'm not an enviormentalist or anything, but this was...was too much. It's ridiculous that ANYONE could find fault in the US's response to the catastrophe and its treatment towards BP. This is the biggest oil spill in this history of our country, and with Sunday marking the two-month mark it is still not contained or under control. It's going to take years and probably decades for the gulf to recover and this guy wants to make it a political statement/schmoozing with the oil companies? At this time we need to band together and work this out, not cause division or better business relations. Ugh.

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