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'Recovery' Review

"Recovery" by Eminem

OK, so I'm finally listening to "Recovery" for the first time and I'm about halfway through it and am onto track #13 - 'So Bad'. I really, really like this album and the individual tracks and think it's amazing at how vulnerable Eminem gets in some of these tracks, they seem really personal and kinda deep, love it. He's so on point it's incredible. The only thing that I would count against it is that, as someone that tries to listen to the whole album from beginning to end, it lacks continuality (perhaps because as some have pointed out, each track is literally produced and written by a different person or producer). Being someone who leans towards the pop side, I did apperciate the more top-40 friendly tracks ("Love the Way you Lie" has like 75 playbacks since I got that track a few weeks ago; "You're Never Over", "Spacebound" & "Going through Changes" are top faves so far) but admit sometimes they didn't work ("Won't back Down", sorry P!nk). Still worth shelling out the $10...and considering the fact that it's for like 18 tracks, you're definitely not getting gyped. A lot better than "Relapse", obviously, even though that goes without saying.

Top tracks: "You're Never Over", "Cinderella Man", "Love the Way you Lie", "Going through Changes", "Untitled", "Spacebound"
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