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This would be awesome.

Rumor has it that Christopher Nolan is seriously considering Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role of The Riddler for the third Batman film.

Another Batman 3 casting rumor has surfaced. They grow like weeds. Most of them are wrong so treat this with extreme skepticism: A site called Hollywoodlife claims Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Batman director Christopher Nolan’s first choice to play The Riddler in his sequel to The Dark Knight.

As evidence they offer only an unnamed source whom they claim is close to the director.
Weighted against this rumor however is the fact that Nolan is still pretty busy releasing his new movie 'Inception' and probably hasn’t even really started working on another Batman movie yet. Even if they had, they still don’t have a script. I doubt they’ve even decided which villain they’ll use. This rumor seems as unlikely as all the others.

But oh how I want it to be likely.

Levitt belongs in Nolan’s Batman universe. He’s a brilliant actor who could really nail something like this. Personally I’d rather see him playing Clayface, Riddler’s already been done once in the Batman world and it’d be nice to see them tackling someone different (in fact Nolan has already hinted that he might avoid any already used villains). Unfortunately since Clayface has unbelievably weird superpowers (he’s made of clay, almost literally), brilliant character though he is, probably doesn’t fit very well into Nolan’s ultra-realistic Batman world. If Levitt really did end up being Riddler, I won’t complain. He’ll be brilliant.

Source although to be honest, really found it on the always lovely OhNoTheyDidn't (ONTD)

This would be perfect. I have admired his stuff since the first time I saw and fell in love with 'Momento', which starred Carrie-Anne Moss and Guy Peirce and it's totally fu*ked up storyline. I also love, love, loved 'The Prestige' and the first two Batman movies he has directed and even tolerated that mess of a movie that he made with Robin Williams and Hilary Swank, uhm...what was it called....'Insomnia' I think(?). It was the one set in Alaska with the serial killer or something along those lines. I cannot, cannot wait to fucking see 'Inception'...the anticipation is killing me!

And although I used to have a bias against Joseph Gordon Levitt for that awful show he was a part of back in the 90's on NBC ('Third Rock from the Sun') he totally won me over with '500 Days of Summer' (one of my overall favorites, ever). It was perfect and totally impressed me and made me a fanboy of his as well. I think this would be an amazing pairing tbh and would love to see this come true. BTW, those few of you that still read this thing, can anybody reccommend me any good JGL movies? I know that the past few years he has been recieving accolades for a lot of his performances but like I said I didn't like him until '500 days of Summer'. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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