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It's Not Right, Not OK, Say the Words that You Say, Maybe We're Better off this Way

I'm kind of a funny boy. I will click and download a torrent of a popular upcoming music album but will not actually listen to any of it until it legally comes out on its street date nine times out of ten. My guilty concious usually refuses me to actually enjoy it if I haven't paid for it (yes I buy albums I have pirated earlier before, I know, weird).

Also happy Maroon 5 day!
New album comes out tmrw! :-D
Seriously one of my top 10 bands. I love their shit, I own almost all their albums (all four studio albums, 2 live albums and their remix album) and that's totally rare for me to be that into a band or artist.

I love them and haven't given in to any of the leaks, even though I've been tempted so much. Hopefully it arrives from amazon tomorrow, otherwise I might go and repurchase it at Target tmrw.
Ugh I feel sick. Hopefully it's just that I like demolished and ate like a whole pizza. It could be my emotions though, but who knows? All I know is that it feels like my throats closing up and I have a headache (and I never have headaches) and I'm really, really hot.
Think I might go to sleep early tonight :-/

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