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Finally arrived at my doorstep today; the deluxe version from amazon.com. I was a good boy and waited and bided my time until it got here and didn't listen to any of the bootlegged copies out on the interwebs. Sure I downloaded it a few weeks ago but I felt too guilty to listen to it tbh. I'm about halfway throughout the album (on track nine: "get back in my life") and in love with it. I closed my last.fm because I was planning on loving/hearting all the outstanding tracks but found myself loving all of them so far (minus "stutter" and "don't know nothing" - so far the only subpar filler tracks on the album). I am really glad I waited though, it's amazing. I'm glad that Adam and the band always try to push themselves harder and farther with each and every new album ...tbh every album they do is different and wonderful but I feel like this is more classic Maroon 5 than "It Won't be Soon before Long". Mutt Lange seems to have brought them back into their prime. I know Adam's always restless and thinks they have 'just one more album' left in them but I hope he's continually proven wrong. They are one of my top bands ever, so feel good and freaking awesome.

Edit: The Bonus tracks "Last Curtain Call" & "Last Chance" were subpar but the fact that 10 out of 12 tracks on the basic edition blew my mind is just fantastic. And I liked the acoustic version of "Misery" with the harmonizing.

If I had to choose: "How", "Hands all over", "I can't lie", "Just a feeling", "Runaway" & bonus track "Misery (acoustic version)"

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