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Review: The Event

So I have decided to give a few shows a try this season, seeing as my main squeeze, Lost, is gone (but not forgotten) and I have time to pick up a few more new series in addition to Modern Family and Glee. I knew going into it, from all the previews at the movie theaters this summer, that The Event wanted to be the next mythologized serial drama to replace the spot that was vacated by the Lost series finale last May. One thing that I have always admired about a lot of the NBC produced television series is the fact that they are visually stunning and obviously crafted and shot on a high end resolution and budget (the last NBC television drama I got attached to, Kings, was superb). So I thought, OK, maybe nothing will ever rival my love for the original by JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse but this might be a suitable replacement overtime.

Well true to form it was gorgeously shot and filmed. The storytelling? I'm not sure about it yet, it's kind of jumpy but it's jumpy in an intended way to build layers of mystery and intrigue but to be honest I don't like how they backtrack everything and seem to replay portions of the same scene over and over again as they cut from it, and then return to it later. I understand its purpose but I'm not a fan of it - I can see how some people could like it (in theory I enjoyed it in the movie Vantage Point, but grew tiresome of its schtick over the course of the film) but to me it's too repetitive and dumbed down. Maybe I'm giving the guys from Lost too much credit but I never really felt like they replayed the same scene over too much - it was a show where you had to constantly pay attention and weren't given the same scene played out repeatedly. IDK.

Plus, my other thing I didn't like was the music - I almost felt like the music played too interval a role in the storytelling where (and again I might be giving them too much credit) as in my beloved Lost the music was a little more subtle. Like this one, I could tell when they wanted me to be like "aha! dun dun dun" and when they wanted me to catch up in the suspense and every twist and turn. I know that it's kind of unfair to be judging a series in it's pilot episode against a series that had six years-worth of episodes but one of the things about Lost that I loved was there were always these "gotcha!" moments but not all of them were blatantly spelled out for the audience - you had to constantly pay attention and be aware of several different storylines to catch some of them.

I'll give the series a few more episodes to see if it reels me in and gets me addicted or not...although this is Monday night I have not yet seen this evening's second episode but hopefully will see it in the next few days. The only thing is, obviously the young couple (see, I don't even remember their names, but the gentleman's played by Jason Ritter) is kind of the OTP (one true pairing) of the show and is meant to be it's heart. But I have no emotional attachment to them, and I didn't really feel much chemistry between the two of them, so that when the girlfriend (*spoilers*) is abducted I haven't felt anything one way or another, it's just "o, okay".

And I'm kinda bummed that it looks like the 'others' might just be aliens. Don't we already have a cheesy, stupid serialized mythology show about aliens? Yes I think it's called V and honestly I dunno why nit was ever renewed for a second season. I mean this one might be a little bit more obscure and sophisticated whereas Vwas all corndogs from what I've seen of it, but...yeah. IDK. I'm going to give it five episodes to grab me, otherwise I'll move on.
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