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Baby they build you up, Only to tear you down, Baby don't believe it, baby don't believe it

Saw "The Social Network" this afternoon by myself because I have heard really, really good things about it and was curious/impatient to see it...it was a pretty good little movie. I heard a lot of praise for David Fincher's directing and maybe it was because I wasn't fully invested in it, but to me the movie dragged a lot. It told a somewhat interesting story of how Mark Zuckerman and Eduardo (played by Andrew Garfield, the newly recast actor for the Spiderman reboot) created and founded 'the facebook'. The only thing that I couldn't understand is the praise and Oscar talk that some articles have mentioned for Justin Timberlake's bit part...it was basic, and really didn't recquire much from him. The one good thing I liked about it was the same thing that I liked about 'Up in the Air' last year, the central character is flawed and full of unlikeable characteristics. Without giving away any soilers there's a moment in the film where Rashida Jones' character is talking to Mark Zuckerman in mediation and tells him the blunt truth. She mentions things that Mark's character may have done to people things you'd assume he wouldn't do to his partners, but he never tries to deny it.

I recently subscribed to "New York" magazine after first checking it out in a Maine bookstore during vacation this past summer and it's very impressive and I enjoy it. I like the different viewpoints, but it's very thick and has a lot of stuff to read about in it...it's the perfect mix to me of politics, pop culture and NYC culture (the latter being something I'll never be privy to, but still appeals to me). I still haven't read a complete issue from front to back, but I like it a lot. They had a story about facebook, and I'm now eager to read it and see what they have to say about the whole creation and evolution of facebook. I was really impressed on an article they printed a few weeks/issues ago about the 'ground zero mosque' so I'll be interested on their report on facebook.

Having said that, it wasn't the best movie choice for me ( probably should've seen something light and fluffy like Easy A for a third time). It made me kinda sad about some things that are going in life..., or maybe it was more of what was NOT happening in my life. Anyways I think I'll end it here, me sipping my salted caramel hot chocolate on the edge of checking out the Bruno Mars album, or possibly Jimmy Eat World's new album that finally arrived today in the mail. Or maybe I'll check out last week's Modern Family...yes, I think I'll start with that. Later ♥

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