Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

Never Let Me Go

This movie...Oh My Goodness. I just watched this movie last night (or rather earlier this morning a little past midnight), I thought that I would watch it really quickly and head to bed. Instead, in a lot of ways, it's left me speechless and I still do not know how to respond. I think a lot of it is because of the several connections and things I saw between me and the storyline and characters but it left me a bundle of emotions. The feelings that Ruth had that she were trash, and they all were; the purpose they held with their donations; finding love but finding it too late; defying the odds...wow. I loved it.

Like a lot of my sentimental favorites, the romantic couple find that love isn't necessarily easy or clean cut (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the Zach Braff starring remake of The Last Kiss, relationship drama in Up in the Air, the film adaption of Closer) and things aren't always wrapped up in the easiest or cleanst of ways. A lot of times the protagonist/couple leave the film with a lot of unanswered and openended questions without signal of where they might end up. Which is something I tend to like because it makes it realistic to me - life is messy, not everything can be wrapped up in a little bow and solved in a few days, weeks, years. We are all flawed individuals.

Speaking of flawed and messy things, the film isn't perfect and to be honest after watching it all I was curious and wiki'd it and the wikipedia page helped fill in some plot holes. I feel that in some ways the director and screenwriter, in an effort to be subtle about certain aspects of the story, were too subtle. I feel like there were plot holes that you had to search for the answers to online (the movie is based on a best selling 2005 novel of the same name).

I know that not everyone will love this film, it's messy and it has a tone that won't appeal to all but if you're a fan of relationship drama and personality dramas than I think you might wanna give this movie a go and check it out. I mentioned that I watched it a little past midnight this morning and thought that I would go to bed - instead it left me up for hours thinking about things and moved me quite a lot emotionally. But I really do enjoy these kinda movies - if it's able to pique my thoughts and feelings and forces me to examine certain aspects I have ignored or not noticed before and it upsets me than good - it's at times more satisfying than dumb mindless comedies.

Like I said this movie isn't necessarily for everyone but if you have similiar interests in personality/relationship centered dramas (feel free to check my movies tag for past entries) than check out this movie. It's gorgeously shot and emotionally rewarding if you stick through the whole film.
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