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Britney Spears Yo!

Name of the SongArtist/Artists/CollaboratorsAlbum of OriginYear ProducedNumber of Plays
"Hold it Against Me"Britney SpearsHold it Against Me - Single2011132 spins
"Unusual You"Britney SpearsCircus2008101 spins
 "Mannequin"Britney SpearsCircus2008 74 spins
 "Quicksand"Britney SpearsCircus Pre-Release2008 67 spins
 "Kill the Lights"Britney SpearsCircus2008 62 spins
 "Shattered Glass"Britney SpearsCircus2008 61 spins
 "Circus"Britney SpearsCircus2008 54 spins
 "Trouble"Britney SpearsCircus
Pre- Release
2008 48 spins
 "Circus (A Crowd Electric Remix)Britney Spears / A Crowd ElectricCircus Remix2009 47 spins
 "If You Seek Amy"Britney SpearsCircus2008 44 spins
 "Gimme More"Britney SpearsBlackout 2007 40 spins
"Get Naked (I Got a Plan)"Britney SpearsBlackout2007 37 spins
 "Toy Soldier"Britney SpearsBlackout2007 36 spins
 "Piece of Me"Britney SpearsBlackout2007 36 spins
 "Freakshow"Britney SpearsBlackout2007 34 spins
 "Phonography (Bonus Track)"Britney SpearsCircus2008 29 spins
 "Break the Ice"Britney SpearsBlackout2007 29 spins
 "Amnesia (Bonus Track)"Britney SpearsCircus Pre-Releae2008 28 spins
 "Lace and Leather"Britney SpearsCircus200827 spins  
 "Womanizer"Britney SpearsCircus2008 21 spins
"Out from UnderBritney SpearsCircus2008 21 spins
"I Got that Boom Boom"Britney Spears featuring the Ying Yang TwinsIn the Zone2003 21 spins
 "My Prerogative"Britney SpearsMy Prerogative: Greatest Hits 2007 20 spins
"Heaven on Earth"Britney SpearsBlackout 2007 19 spins
 "Blur" Britney SpearsCircus 2008 19 spins
 "Mmm Papi" Britney SpearsCircus 2008 19 spins
"Hot as Ice" Britney SpearsBlackout 2007 18 spins
"Rock me In (Bonus Track)" Britney SpearsCircus 2008 17 spins
 "State of Grace" Britney SpearsGimme More: Blackout Leaks 2007 17 spins
 "Me Against the Music" Britney Spears featuring Madonna In the Zone 2003 17 spins
 "Toxic" Britney Spears In the Zone 2003 17 spins
 "Radar" Britney SpearsCircus & Blackout 2007 16 spins
 "Do Something" Britney SpearsMy Prerogative: Greatest Hits 2004 15 spins
"Why Should I Be Sad" Britney Spears Blackout 2007 14 spins
 "Let Go" Britney SpearsGimme More: Blackout Leaks 2007 13 spins
"Outrageous" Britney Spears In the Zone 2003 12 spins
 "I'm a Slave for You" Britney Spears Britney 2001 12 spins
 "Stronger" Britney SpearsOops!...I Did it Again 2000 12 spins
 "Ooh Ooh Baby" Britney Spears Blackout 2007 12 spins
 "Oops!...I Did it Again" Britney SpearsOops!...I Did it Again2000  11 spins
 "Perfect Lover" Britney Spears Blackout2007  10 spins
 "My Baby" Britney Spears Circus 2008 09 spins
 "Everytime" Britney Spears In the Zone 2003 07 spins
 "Lucky" Britney SpearsOops!...I Did it Again 2000 07 spins
 "What You're Sippin On" Britney SpearsGimme More: Blackout Leaks 2007 06 spins
 "I'm Not a Girl...Not Yet a Woman" Britney Spears Britney 2001 06 spins
 "Stupid Things" Britney SpearsGimme More: Blackout Leaks 2007 05 spins
 "Sometimes" Britney Spears...Baby One more Time 2000 05 spins
 "Showdown" Britney Spears In the Zone 2003 05 spins
 "Get Back" Britney SpearsGimme More: Blackout Leaks 2007 04 spins
 "(You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix)" Britney SpearsMy Prerogative: Greatest Hits 2004 04 spins
 "Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix)" Britney SpearsMy Prerogative: Greatest
 2004 04 spins
 "I've Just Begun (Having my Fun)" Britney Spears My Prerogative: Greatest Hits 200404 spins
 "...Baby One More Time" Britney Spears...Baby One More Time 2000 04 spins
 "Breathe On Me" Britney Spears In the Zone 2003 04 spins
 "Boys (The Co-Ed Remix)" Britney Spears In the Zone 2003 04 spins
"A Song about U" Britney SpearsGimme More: Blackout Leaks 2007 03 spins
"Kiss You All Over" Britney SpearsGimme More:
Blackout Leaks
 2007 03 spins
"Early Mornin'" Britney Spears In the Zone 2003 03 spins
 "The Hook Up" Britney Spears In the Zone 2003 03 spins
 "Me Against The Music (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix)" Britney Spears featuring Madonna In the Zone 2003 03 spins
 "Born to Make You Happy" Britney Spears ...Baby One More Time 2000 02 spins
 "Bombastic Love" Britney Spears Britney 2001 02 spins
 "Gimme More (Main)" Britney SpearsGimme More: Blackout Leaks 2007 02 spins
 "Baby Boy" Britney SpearsGimme More: Blackout Leaks 2007 02 spins
 "Touch of my Hand" Britney SpearsIn the Zone 2003 02 spins
 "Don't go Knockin on my Door" Britney Spears Oops!...I Did it Again 2000 02 spins
 "Soda Pop" Britney Spears...Baby One More Time 2000 02 spins
 "Boys" Britney Spears Britney 2001 01 spin
 "Anticipating" Britney Spears Britney 2001  01 spin
 "Lonely" Britney Spears Britney 2001  01 spin
 "I Love Rock ' n Roll" Britney Spears Britney 2001  01 spin
 "Everybody" Britney Spears Gimme More: Blackout Leaks 2007  01 spin

Rows: 75
Culmes: 5
Border Size: 0
Cell spacing: 1
Cell padding: 10
Width: 200 pixels

Circus Plays: 574 individual track plays / 15 tracks = 38.26 plays per track
Blackout Plays: 301 individual track plays / 12 tracks = 25.08 plays per track
Tags: britney spears

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