Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 10/23/2011-10/29/2011

My newfound infatuation with everything James Morrison has continued this past week, as I went through the flawless The Awakening and refound his previous album that I didn't give much attention to when it first came out but love now...Songs for You, Truths for Me. It is amazing but really easy to overlook and I can understand why he isn't well known, one he's from across the pond and Americans are hard to breakthrough to, and secondly he's an adult singer with little to none pop-crossover potiential. But he is an amazingly gifted and amazing singer-songwriter. Finally got my editions of the new Kelly Clarkson album and it is phenomenal and really amazing, although I have yet to listen to the bonus tracks off of the deluxe version or the EP The Smoakstack Sessions yet but am eager to hear both to be honest. Lastly, all of the Jennifer Lopez plays have been one song off of her new album Love? called "Until It Beats No More" which is featured in the new Fiat car commercial that premiered this past month.

Tags: last.fm, music

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