Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 01/29/2012-02/04/2012

* The lead single for Madonna's new album came out and it's a little lackluster and weak if we're going to be completely honest. It's 'Give Me All Your Love' and it features two of my faves Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., but it's still just OK. The gifs on tumblr make me repeatedly watch the music vid, which account for like half of the play counts on here. However I will not lie that this ONTD Post on the half-time show as well as the youtube of her half-time show are both amazing.
* Speaking of M.I.A. her first single (maybe a buzz single, IDK if this is 'offically' her lead single or not) from her forthcoming summer album was also released this past week as well. It's called "Bad Girls" and it is one that I cannot stop playing and I just heard it's from Nate Hill, a.k.a. Danja. He has his new hit single if it's true this is in part from him. LOVE IT.
* Almost caught up completely with 'The Vampire Diaries' so far this season. Just haven't watched the last two episodes and yes, go ahead and judge me, IDGAF. guiltypleasure.com
* Last week I noted 'Gossip Girl' has divine taste in music and I have to thank them for introducing me to Zee Avi. She's kinda a folksy singer songwriter and I impulsively bought both of her albums and love them. A lot. And think she deserves wider success. And color me surprised when I figured out that she was signed under Jack Johnson's label. That man has very good taste and an ear out for good undervalued talent.
* Randomly felt like jamming out to No Doubt. Hope their reunion album FINALLY comes out this year.
* Lana Del Rey is talented, yes. And a bit overrated...thanks a lot for raving about her this whole past year, internets. Her songs tended to kinda blend together when I listened to it from beginning to end, but I still liked it a lot. Wonder if she'll come out with a second album or if she'll slide off into oblivion. Oh well.

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