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I'm bulletproof, Nothing to Lose...

Happy Easter everyone! I know I'm posting this as the day as drawing to a close here on the east coast but I'm trusting that you all had an enjoyable time with your friends and family today. This week was pretty eventful to be honest, as I turned 28 this past Tuesday which means I'm closer to entering my thirties which is kind of scary. It's crazy how close I am to being 30 years old and how much (and how little) has happened in these 28 some-odd years here on Earth. Here's hoping I continue growing and improving as a human being as this year goes on by, that's the only thing that you can hope for.

I had some other things to share but have since changed my mind on posting them on an open forum like this since I started writing this entry a few minutes ago. Anyway, hope you guys are well, and have enjoyed the holiday today. I'm so flippin happy that the weather is starting to get nicer out and can't believe it's already Spring again...I went down to DC for the day for my birthday and I hope to be able to go down there again a few more times on my days off before it gets too insufferably hot. I really like DC and there's a lot to see and do down there.

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