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Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 04/15/2012-04/21/2012

So I finally listened to the double-disc free album by Joseph Arthur "Redemption City" and fell in love with it...he has always been a favorite but this is the first album of his I have listened from beginning to end without getting bored (maybe I'm growing up; or just in the mood for it now? IDK). It's really gorgeous and beautiful even though I am not the biggest fan of the spoken word-songs if I'm completely honest with this post. Still...if you have some time to listen to thise double album from start to finish, do so - it is amahzing. Also Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded continues to be my fave album so far this year as far as pop goes and Nelly Furtado has released her lead single off her upcoming album "Big Hoops (The Bigger the Better)" which is funky as hell but I dig it...it hasn't even charted in the top 200 in the US iTunes charts tho so that sucks but hopefully it will catch on a bit with some promotion. Ohhh, and decided to add a new bit to this weekly post...

What I Watched

I bought the fourth Mission Impossible that just came out but decided to go ahead and rewatch the three prior in the series before watching the latest again. All three were really well done, although to be honest my fave is still the original. :-p


I originally tried watching 'The Killing' when it premiered last year but ultimately gave up on it after the third or fourth episode in. However after learning that it had been renewed (I loathe getting into a drama series only to learn that it's been canceled after I've really gotten into the storytelling) I decided to give it another go, based on the general good word of mouth I had heard. I decided to ignore the uproar it caused in the television universe last summer by the last minute twist at the end of the season finale when we find out the case hasn't been closed, and focused on the show as a whole. I found it really addicting and really well acted and I know it's not a popular opinion but I liked the pacing of it as well. I've also caught up with 'Once Upon a Time' after allowing me to acrue a good load of episodes that were left unwatched until it returns back from hiatus this upcoming Sunday. I hate all the hiatuses shows go on and would rather ignore a series for a bit and than marathon catch up rather than watch them at their original airdates and have weeks on end without new episodes. I know, I'm a weirdo. :-p

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