Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 04/22/2012-04/28/2012

Still obsessed with Redemption City and have that on lock along with Britney and Nicki burning up plays on my iPod. As much as I hate how sexualized and cheesy 'The Whistle Song' is after the impeccable 'Wild One' collaboration with Sia, it still has become a guilty pleasure and has added to a good share of my Flo Rida tracks the past week...def a guilty pleasure.

What I Watched

I am kind of hesistant to admit that I like this show because it hasn't been doing blockbusters in its timeslot since it premiered earlier this month so there's no guarentee that it will stand a chance of being renewed for a second season but IDGAF. If you're in the USA, please check out this show if you haven't yet. It focuses on Olivia Pope (played by the underrated Kerry Washington) who runs a crisis manangement firm that focuses on scandals for the rich and famous. And it is amazing and so refreshing to see a successful and HBIC POC on a network show...it fascinates me on so many levels and the stories are really well written and it has been developed well by Shonda Rhimes who created Grey's Anatomy [Keep in mind that when it began, Grey's was critically acclaimed and really well run, before it went off the tracks, so here's hoping Shonda can maintain it and keep it up]. It runs Thursday nights through May at 10PM on ABC and really worth your time. Please check it out if you can.


And I went and saw 'The Raven' which starred John Cusak trying to imitate Nicholas Cage's acting skills of...overacting and it was entertaining but definitely nothing to write home about. Not even worth my time to post the movie poster tbh. Wait til it comes out on network tv. Cheesy, hokey and disappointing, I figured out who it was by about the halfway point and yeah...not worth the time or the money to see it in theaters.

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