Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 06/10/2012-06/16/2012


Usher's new studio album, Looking 4 Myself was released this week and it quickly became an instant fave and has a lot of good bumping tracks. My favorite is "Show Me", followed closely by "Lemme See", "Twisted", "Looking for Myself" and "Numb". The album as a whole is very good but those are the five top tracks thast instantly stood out for me but I'm sure overtime I'll find different faves depending on my mood. Also I started getting back into the Avett brothers and find them absolutely amazing and wonderful. They're just so chill and good...kinda country folkish but I love it, hardcore. And I was just nostalgic for Her Space Holiday because as I was walking through Nordstrom's department store heading into the mall after my allergy shot they were playing tracks off of their album </i>The Young Machines</i> and I couldn't resist going on my ipod and joining in the nostalgia. It is a timeless and flawless album, still love it alot alot.

What I Watched


Netflixed both seasons in like one week and upset that the third season hasn't been added yet. Am currently debating within myself whether or not it would make sense to buy the third season off of iTunes just because. Hilarious, raunchy and best animated comedy in production these days. Yeah, I said it.

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