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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 06/24/2012-06/30/2012


The new Maroon 5 album, Overexposed, consumed me this past week. I had been hotly anticipating it and avoiding the leaks like the plague. I know it's kinda odd and old fashioned that I still favor and buy CDs over mp3s but I like to avoid leaks when upcoming albums are leaked weeks ahead of time if I can at all avoid it. It's a solid album, but contains very few standout, knock out the park tracks. My favorites are "One More Night", "Payphone", "Daylight", "Lucky Strike", "Love Somebody" and "Beautiful Goodbye". Out of those six highlights, my favorites are 'Lucky Strike' and the soon to be fan fave and probable future single 'Love Somebody'.

Also, Mika released a third new song called 'Celebrate (Featuring Pharell)' following the impeccable "Elle Me Dit" (see post, below) and "Make You Happy". The Origin of Love comes out in September, cannot wait. These three songs make me very, very excited.

What I Watched


I'll be honest, I thought that this looked hokey and cheesy when I saw the trailors awhile ago, but the past few weeks I started hearing good word of mouth through the reviews that came through. I went and saw it and thought that it was a pretty good movie - more thoroughly amusding than laugh out loud funny but if you enjoyed Seth McFarlane's sense of humor than you should see this movie. For those of you not in the know, Seth McFarlane is a voice actor and show creator of Family Guy and American Dad.

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