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Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 07/01/2012-07/07/2012


Two hot new tracks premiered, and with the lateness in this posting, I can foretell into the future that the following week had some hot shit come out as well. This week's were P!nk's lead single off of her upcoming sixth studio album, which was "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)". It actually was released a week earlier than previously announced after it leaked (which has come to be...more the standard than not these days it seems). The other was a catchy new lead single off of Pitbull's annual studio album featuring Shakira, "Get it Started". It has been common on the interwebs to compare Shakira's sometimes grating singing to that of a baaa-ing goat. Usually do not see it, but this time - this. Still love you tho, Shakira. You're still gorgeous. xoxo

What I Watched


Never was really hyped for it but still went because I love Andrew Garfield (if for nothing else, than Never let Me Go and The Social Network) and Emma Stone. T'was OK but maybe I'm getting old and outta touch with the youngins or getting set in my ways but I wasn't that impressed and thuoght it didn't match the trilogy with Sam Riami, Tobey and Kirstin.

Also, my brothers surprised us and came home from Afghanistan for two weeks of R&R. NBD
*freaks out*

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