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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 09/30/2012-10/06/2012


Rolling Stone magazine had a cover story article on Adele on their latest issue and after reading it I had an urge to replay and relisten to her breakthrough record of 2011, 21. She also released the lead single to the new James Bond movie coming out this November, aptly titled same as the movie - "Skyfall". Also finally listened to the new No Doubt album that came out a few weeks ago and thought it was OK but not nearly worth the wait of 10+ years since their last studio album. And also getting back into the old children's Christian radio series 'Adventures in Odyssey' for some reason...random, I know but whatever.

What I Watched


OK so true story, I've always loved those sassy, teenage-click/cliche movies like Bring it On and liked the FOX TV show Glee for awhile so when I started seeing previews for this movie I was kinda psyched to be honest. And boy did this movie deliver on the snarkiness and cheese/self conciousness of the beforesaid shows and movies. It was really cute and the really overweight awkward British actress that was kinda just - there in Bridesmaids, Rebel Wilson, really shined in this movie. Definitely go see it, it's a pretty decent comedy series.


Also just because I've had a rough time these past few weeks, I started watching old episodes of this gem since I'm weird and actually buy them off iTunes as they become available. This is a seriously underrated comedy gem and as I have been watching it again it still is funny as shit and something that I love and want to share to others so it gets more exposure. Definitely check it out as it is like the first good few seasons of 'How I Met Your Mother' and the entire run of 'Friends' only a little bit raunchier since it's a single cam show taped without an audience.

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