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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 10/14/2012-11/10/2012


So the reason why I stopped posting and everything the past month or so has been because my computer died on me about a month, month and a half ago now? At the same time I had recently been let go from my job at Target after six years and so I was without a job, income or a working computer. All I have to say is I'm grateful for my parents who have always shown me grace and love and supported me in every way possible because otherwise I would have fallen apart. Also thank goodness I was a nerd as a kid and asked for stock options every birthday and Christmas for like 8 years straight because between cashing in some stock, and some of the savings bonds that my grandparents sent me every year for my birthday, the two month gap that I have been unemployed has been OK financially and I still haven't had to wreck my whole investment portfolio/401k at all. I am now in limbo though until my orientation, which is scheduled three weeks for today. So now I have a snazzy new computer, wiped out my credit card debt completely, and still have enough money to keep in a savings account and afford birthday and Christmas presents for everyone. God is good!

So that's why I haven't posted, and then this past week I've been super lazy with everything. Uhm and that also explains why my last.fm results span over a month cumulatively. As has been consistant since it was released, Maroon 5's new album has been a pretty constant mainstay on my most played lists. Also, Tylor Swift's fourth album, Red came out abnd it is even a bigger mix of country and pop music than ever before and followed in the footsteps of Britney Spears and uses dubstep in some of the tracks. It's really infectious and fun, as is Ke$ha's lead single off her upcoming album Warrior, "Die Young" which definitely brought me back to listening to her first album and a half.

Also of note was Bruno Mars' lead single 'Locked out of Heaven' from his upcoming sophomore album Unorthodox Juxebox; as well as the buzz single 'Young Girls'. October 27th marked the five year annivresary of Blackout which encouraged heavy playbacks of Britney fucking Spears as well as the album that just came out this past week, Christina Aguilera's Lotus which brought heavy playbacks for Christina. Adele also released a lead single off the James Bond soundtrack, 'Skyfall', which brought her back to relevance on my playbacks as well.

Also, I feel I can offically announce: Ed Sheeran's debut album + is officially one of those albums that is good no matter what time of the year you listen to it, whether it be warm whether or cold weather, it's always appropiate and warm and comfortable. My biggest fear is that he'll sell out after he gets massive exposure to mainstream America while he opens for Taylor Swift on the Red Tour across America from March to November. It would be a bloody shame in my opinion. OK, that's all.

What I Watched

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

So this movie persnaly came out while I was in high school and I was told about it during a time that I had just tried to commit suicide and was being hospitalized. I was on a payphone during my limited free access time and my friend Parker was telling me about it. When I got out of the hospital I devoured it and although I never reread it in the past twelve, thirteen years since then it has always held sentimental value. I have been anticpating this movie since I first saw the daily paparazzi pics thanks to Hermoine's Emma's role in it. It was very well done, in large thanks to the fact that the author of the book adapted the novel to film as both the scriptwriter and director. I enjoyed it a lot and I thought it was fantastic, really picked up a lot of what the book embodied and represented.

cloud atlas
Cloud Atlas

This movie s very ambitious and to be honest I'm not sure if it successfully achieves what it sets out to accomplish but I gaurentee you that you will be entertained and visually satisfied with what the Wachowski siblings have created. It spans and waves through four or five different stories throughout the film and over time you come to understand how they all fit together and are connected. It has a very big theme of humanity and the socialogical ways we have treated others in the past, how we treat them in the present, and how we may treat each other in the future. It also shows how we are all a flawed species and continually make the same mistakes time and time again through different eras and times through history. Honestly it took me seeing it twice to be able to follow all five stories and see how they interconnect throughout the almost three hours it runs but it is rewarding. If you're able to pick up and follow all of the stories than you are in for a treat and a rather interesting ride.


So this was the last film that I have seen in theaters but it was pretty good, Denzel knocked it out of the park like usual with his fantastic and top notch delivery as an actor. This was a really intersting character drama that centered squarely on Whip, a pilot who made a miracle landing of an airplane while heavily intoxicated and the fallout that follows. It was one of those films that let you see everything and didn't really hold anything back - it was very realistic as it showed a druggie and alcoholic man who would move forward and take a few steps forward for the better only to fallback and regress when you think things may have actually made a turn for the better. It was a very realistic portrayal of addiction and it was gripping and fascinating as much as it was kinda uncomfortable and uneasy to watch. But Denzel defintely did an amazing job portaying the character and it was a good film.

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