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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 11/11/2012 - 11/17/2012


Christina Aguilera's fifth full-length studio album, (seventh if you include her Spanish and holiday albums), Lotus was finally released and it was honestly a really well produced album - my favorites off of the deluxe edition were 'Red Hot Kinda Love', 'Blank Page', 'Cease Fire', 'Around the World', 'Circles' and 'Light Up the Sky'. Like some have said, it is very safe and kind of tame compared to her previous efforts but to be honest with all of the disappointments that have been released this year, Lotus comes up as one of the more solid releases. I think in the long run it will do better in sales than Bionic and than it will give her more freedom and input into her follow up album whatever that will be (I say this despite the fact that Lotus debuted to about 30,000 copies less than 'Bionoic' with only 80,000 sold opening week).

I started listening to The Killer's new album and it was promising, if not at all everything that I anticipated after such a long time away on their hiatus. Also speaking of solid pop albums that came out this year, I'm still digging Taylor Swift's album that came out earlier in October - Red and of course, Death Cab for Cutie is beyond seasons and is appropiate al year round for every occurance.

Disappointing albums 2012:
Nelly Furtado
No Doubt
The Script

What I Watched


So I have to be honest and admit that I never saw the last Bond movie that came out, but I did see Daniel Craig's first time out as the iconic Bond and enjoyed it a lot (tbh I can't quite recall why I didn't see the last one, but oh well, might go check it out now). It still has the grittiness and realism that Daniel Craig's other times at the role brought in the vien of Bourne and I enjoyed the winks and nods they gave to past films (James Bond is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year). I won't gloss over and discuss particulars about the plot in case some have not seen it yet but everybody brought their A - game and honestly as long as Ben always has his haircape (which I'm insanely jealous of), he is a welcome addition to the Bond franchise. Hopefully they'll utilize him more in the next one.

Oh, and in case you don't know who Ben is and why I'm jealous of his hair its bc he can pull off bg hair quite easily, which I could never due to my genes. Here are some examples:


The bigger (/longer/shaggier) the hair the closer to God, right? So wish I could pull off big hair like that. Seriously tho, does anyone have any tricks or recommendations that will help me grow thicker/fuller hair like his? I am in awe and jealous of it.

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