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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 12/02/2012 - 12/08/2012


The weather outside is getting colder and so naturally there are some artists that I am drawn to in the winter than others - The Avett Brothers, Stars, and David Gray (who doesn't appear on this week's chart but wil likely doso in the next few weks). Also of note was the listening of OneRepublic in anticpation of their upcoming third album due tentatively next month, Native. This week also marked the release of Ke$ha's second full LP, Warrior, which is very solid and still stays true to her even though it's more experiemental and has a rock edge to it that wasn't present on her debut. Britney Spears remains dominant as does the appearence of 'Adventures in Odyssey' as I continue to listen to those tracks and volumes in chronological order.

What I Watched

silver linings playbook
Silver Linings Playbook

So I had heard good things about this movie and the trailer looked like it was a cute quirky romantic comedy so I went ahead and saw it. It wasn't everything that I thought that it was going to be based on the trailer but it was still very well done. It had a certain kind of messiness/chunkiness pacing that made it kinda made it move in a more genuine way (because everything in life isn't as cookie-cutter and perfectly laid out sa it always is in the movies). It dealt a lot with Bradly Cooper's character, Pat, who had recently been discharged from the looney bin 8 months after being charged with assault on his wife's lover and diagnosed as bipolar. He is back in the house that he grew up in, living with his parents who aren't quite sure the best way to connect with their son and help him get his life back on track. Soon he meets Tiffany who is a blunt, direct and to the point kind of person who has recently been widowed and the two find each other forming a friendship as they both are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives and finding their ways again. Jennifer Lawrence and even moreso Bradley Cooper act their butts off in this film and give it their all; I would say that Bradley Cooper's performance as a mentally ill person was a very real and true to form performance that was amazing. Robert DeNiro and the actress thast plays the wife, I think her name's Jackie Weaver, also did well in supporting roles as the parents of Pat who obviously stryuggle with the love and frustration the two of them share with dealing with a grown mentally ill child. It's a little slow-paced but I think everyone should se this movie, it's very charming and has a very distinct voice that differintiates from almost any other film.

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