Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

Something New for You

I figured recently that since for all means and purposes this livejournal has been dead except for my weekly posts tracking my listening habits, that I would add another feature for it. Starting with this past week I will be sharing with you all the interesting posts and articles I find on my favorite pop culture blog - the same one I've followed since like 2002 or 2003 - OhnoTheyDidnt. A lot of it's pop culture but there will also be just articles of interest and posts that stimulate interesting discussions and side discussions that I thought were worthy of lookingback on or sharing.

Seeing as how this journal is basically on life suport, at least those that read what posts I share from OhNoTheyDidnt can know what I'm keeping up with and what interests me at the moment. I think those of you that care, or are just curious, will get to know me through this process as well. Unlike my last.fm posts that are sometimes delayed for weeks, this will be more evolving and interactive as the week progresses and the entry is edited with more and more posts and links. And if it doesn't, at least it's a better way to keep track of stuff w/o adding like a bajillion bookmarks to my web browser.

First week starts with this past week starting here
Tags: celebrity controversies, curiosity - pop culture & memes, movies, ohnotheydidnt, politics and business, pop culture; death; tabloids, wank

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