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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 05/26/2013 - 06/01/2013


Forgive me father for I have sinned and it's been ages since my last confessional...
So as much as I have been talking about it, I hadn't really listened to the new Vampire Weekend new release 'Modern Vampires of the City' in its entirity or really in depth (meaning having paid attention at all to any of the lyrics in any of the songs, and had just been playing the album as background noise a few times). So I decided to check it out in its entirity and I love it - it tackles a lot about one of my central themes and demons - religion and faith. It is spectacular and it's just amazebals, please please check this album out, I cannot say enough good things about it altho I will add that it was very cohesive in my opinion and rewards the listener to hearing it from beginning to end, which is rare in the mp3 era of the modern record. The Avett Brothers has returned as must listening music and I'm not quite sure why I stoped listening to them for the past few months because ugh, I love it a lot.A lot of regulars and recurring players showed up this week - JT, FoB and Maroon 5 - but of note is the return of Band of Horses shortly after reccommending them to my cousin at his wedding and a longtime fave that has finally tracked in the top 15 plays, 'Clarity' by DJ Zedd.

What I Watched


Fast and Furious 6

I admit I didn't watch the Tokoyo Drift outing but otherwise I believe that I have seen all the Fast and the Furious series and this one is another solid entry into the franchise. A lot of articles have recently been written about how solid and strong the Fast and the Furious brand has been considering that it's in it's 6th outing for the franchise and it's simple - lots of action, they've been adding a caper/heist angle to the past few showings and girls, girls, girls. Add those three elements together and you've got pretty much what you would want out of a summer blockbuster...it's not a hard formulas to crack and it's kind of amazing how much it hasn't been successfully duplicated. The only down side is this - I get that they wanted to bring back Michelle Rodriguiz to the series because let's be honest, she's pretty hot and she has a lot of appeal altho I didn't like the dead/ceiling eyes she had for most of the flick. But really? The way she was brought back was cliche and kinda a letdown but I guess if there was one thing that was bad about it, it was the way they handled that. But I guess now they can have her act like her old self for the net movie and move on from her mess of a story. Overall, a really good mindless summer action movie.

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