Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 06/23/2013 - 06/29/2013


The announcement from the Supreme Court striking down DOMA and Prop 8 led me to playing over and over again a song from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that drew me to them before they blew up with 'Thrift Shop' - a music video that presents a love story with two men called 'Same Love'. Also I have picked up the up and comer by Capital Cities, 'Safe and Sound' but was disappointed after previewing other tracks from the album on amazon and iTunes although it is a fresh sound and it is nice to see someone with an orthodox beard having a hit single. IDK I may be eating my words in a few weeks or months but the other tracks weren't really apealing to me in first impressions. New Found Glory, Britney, Mat Kearny and Avri Lavigne rounded out most of my other listens this past week.

What I Watched


White House Down

I had originally thought months ago when I saw the previews that this would be the superior White House takeover/terrorist flick over the similiar one I had just seen with Gerard Butler but unfotrunately, it turns out the first was better than this Channing Tatum/Jamie Foxx version. Alot of 'White House Down' was predictable blockbuster generic stupidity and the two leads didn't really have a bromance chemistry to speak of. Also, most of the highlights and few surprises that it did have were largely spoled in the previews that had been playing for the past like 3, 4 months. I don't know why they waited so long to release it but it was disappointing. Decent, but not anything to write home about.

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