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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 07/07/2013 - 07/13/2013


I have been on a Band of Horses kick lately and this continues to show that it is still in full motion and shows no signs of slowing down. Also, as per usual as I trek through all current 56 volumes in the Adventures in Odyssey collection, their playbacks topped the charts for this past week. I also decided to kickback old school and listen to the Linkin Park/Jay Z mash up LP that they did in the 2000's era and it reminded me a lot of my high school years and early years post high school and some good memories. :-)

What I Watched


Star Trek Into Darkness



Scandal, Season 2



Once Upon a Time, Season 2

Saw Star Trek Into Darkness for a second time in theaters because it's been one of the most satisfying movies so far this summer as far as not disapointing or falling apart completely. I had hoped to see the magical heist caper 'Now You See Me' once again before it left theaters but unfortunately lost my chance on the opportunity before it closed. Anyway, I liked this move just as much the second time as I did on the first time I saw it.

Also, finished watching the second season of Scandal after prolonging this in the past six or seven weeks. I had stopped watching it after the 'Whisky Foxtrot' episode back in February so I had like half the season to catch up on but it was worth it. So far Shonda Rhimes has created another surefire drama series that deserves to be the hit it is in this television climate we have in 2013. I know (based off of her past in 'Grey's Anatomy') that she tends to self implode her shows in their third or fourth season but so far I am pleased and glad that Kerry Washington is finally getting the stardom and attention she has deserved.

While I have sang the praises of 'Scandal', the same cannot be said for Once Upon a Time Their second season hasn't been sa clearly mapped out and executed. It's hard though because to be honest their fantasy series has a deep mythology that is hard for anyone to follow or keep straight and also has endless possibilities. It started out strong coming back this past fall and then kinda lost it's way at about midpoint and didn't have the discipline to straighten things out quickly. The last 4 or 5 episodes of the season were strong though and sets things up nicely for the fall and third season premiere. I like the way they make the stories kind of darker and twisted than what we're used to hearing about and I apreciate the mythology that they've built up as it's quite complicated when you think about it. But as it was being touted as the followup to Lost and by the creators of Lost it has unrealistic expectations that will likely never be fully met or satisfied. Still, it wasn't the most uneven sophomore season ever after a solid debut. Still on this show for the ride as well.

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