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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 09/01/2013 - 09/07/2013


So it's been awhile since I've done a legit last.fm/pop culture post, but finally I've given up on procrastination and decided to actually record what I've ben listening to and watching becuse IDK it fascinates me and I guess that's all that it needs to do. Uhm, this past week I listened to a lot of Britney because what would life be without some summertime sadness/fall depression ? - and of course, I lean on my old reliable standbys. Also a song that has been garnering a lot of plays but continually lays on the cusp of showing up on my top 15 is that catchy little song by Lorde 'Royals'...I cannot get enough of it, I find myself putting it on repeat often times. Another song on the cusp of appearing on my chart? Robin Thicke and Kendrick Lamar's "Give it to You"...such a motherf'in bop.

What I Watched


Teen Wolf, Season 3A

So I'm not the best with watching TV shows as they were originally meant to be seen - I tend to like to marathon seasons of particular shows at the end of the season even tho throughout the season I have read some recaps and spoilers about the episodes. IDK, it's easier for me when there's a thick mythology or a lot to remember ('Vampire Diaries', 'Teen Wolf', 'Revenge'). In fact aside from LOST, the only show I watch weekly is 'Scandal' and that's because it's such a fun guilty pleasure and the twitter leaks are so juicy and hard to avoid that I can't. I did used to watch 'The Killing' and 'Damages' on the weekly, but now that the two of those are dead, Scandal is the only show I faithfully watch as it was originally intended. Anyway I really admire Jeff Davis for creating such a heavy mythology and just good cheesy fun out of a good cheesy fun 80's flick. But the mythology is intense and obviously deserves acknowledgement for all the creativity that it took to create it. Fun season, can't wait until the secon half of the season now that we know who the Big Bad is.

And thast's it basically. I finished up Vampire Diaries season four like a week after I got home from vacation last month and I haven't really been to any movies because there wasn't anything that intersted me - although I want to get 'Pacific Rim' and 'This is the End' when they come out because I've heard really good things about both of those and they're both out of theaters now.

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