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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 10/06/2013 - 10/12/2013


Mylie Cyrus's new album Bangerz came out and it has taken me a few weeks o come around to it, but it is a pretty solid album and not too shabby of a well, 'Banger'. My faves are '4x4' and 'Maybe You're Right' just because the second one has kinda a country twinge to it and sounds most like her Backyard Sessions she posted on youtube a year or two ago. Also Britney Spears was still high on my playlist thanks to the premiere of the "Work, Bitch" music video which if I have to say, would have to admit was one of her most iconic and best music videos in four or five years. Avett Brothers continued to have decent playbacks as did Vampire Weekend as sort of a halo from the past few weeks following the FreeFest and I finally checked out 'The 20/20 Experiment Part 2 of 2'. It's definitely the inferior of the two parts but it's a decent, solid pop/R&B album and is commendable even if the only two tracks that stood out for me really were 'Tke Back the Night' and 'Not a Bad Thing' with maybe 'Murder' as a third standout maybe.

What I Watched



So I had heard really good and big things about this film and how creative and on the edge of your seat technologicaly speaking it was, so I was ready to write it off as a disappointment. Don't. The way that it was filmed and produced and was groundbreaking, especially if you noticed all the people that the director thanked in the credits at the end. It was creative and if I were someone who was into 3D movies this would be worth the ticket cost to see it. It gets a little dizzy because you view it from the point of view of Sandra Bullock's character but it's amazing and Sandra did an excelent job. I remember an interview I read where she said she didn't feel worthy of winning an Oscar for 'The Blind Side' and dhow she had been working ever since than to prove herself Oscar-calinbor worthy and she did so with this film. The story's not the best, but every other aspect makes up for it - go see it in theaters before it's too late.

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