Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 12/22/2013 - 12/28/2013


For some reason, I was really feeling OneRepublic and their catalogue after realizing that 'Counting Stars' wasn't going away and I thought I'd try to re-appreciate their latest studio effort that came out earlier this past year, Native. It must be a grower because I've grown to love this album even more than before and it's turned into a album I adore from beginning to end instead of liking only a few tracks here and there. Britney Spears, Adventures in Odyssey and OAR were the other top-charters.

What I Watched


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

To be honest I've been anticipating this movie for awhile, and had tried to go see it with my older sister seeing as I saw the first one with her, but she has been in her first trimester of her pregnancy and so hasn't been feeling up to going to a movie. I liked it a lot, although I thought that it wasn't as fresh as the first one. I was glad that the director continued the direction of not shooting the kills graphically and I liked the way that you weren't sure who's side the GameKeeper was on, the ending shocked me when they showed that he was in on starting the revolution and getting Katniss out of the game. I thought it was really well done and I am looking forward to the next or the next two, however they decide to deal with the last book in the trilogy.

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