Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 02/23/2014 - 03/01/2014


So I have been kind of in a funk lately, so I have decided to make a playlist out of club-hip hop tracks as you can see by the appearances of Avicii, Calvin Harris and a few tracks off of the latest Mika album, specifically 'Elle me Dit', 'Celebrate' and 'See you Happy'. Another major track that I have been listening to lately is 'Animals' by Martin Garrix which is just a trance/beat song with only two words repeated in it that is if I do say so myself, hot shit. I love, love, love that song.

What I Watched


Lego Movie

It was cute but it was one of those times I felt like I didn't appreciate it as much as I would as a kid would. Clever and decent...but not a fave. I can see why it was a hit tho.

Tags: last.fm, music, televison and movies

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