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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 03/09/2014 - 03/15/2014


The song "Selfie" blew up, and it's by the Chainsmokers. Other than that, I've been on a huge OneRepublic vibe lately and so they've been blowing up my playcounts as of late - it's funny, I never really appreciate their albums until a little after they've been released. Like there were a few tracks off of "Native" that I liked when it came off but as an album as a whole it wasn't meshing with me really, and now I love the whole damn thing. I know this isn't very cohesive but I think I mentioned the fact that Justin Timberlake released a radio edit version of my favorite track off of the second "20/20 Experiment" - the song called "Not a Bad Thing" and so that has racketed up the Justin Timberlake appreciation playcounts lately.

What I Watched


Mr. Peabody and Sherman

I saw this movie because I couldn't think of anything else to go see and needed a break and my weekly movie escape. Uhm I vaguely remembered Mr. Peabody from my childhood I think but I don't recall a fondness or unfondness for him, either way. Well he didn't make a big impression with me and it was a mediocre film without a wide appeal - I guess kids could like it but it was still not all that focused on kid appeal either IMO. I don't know but it's currently tanking so I guess I'm not alone in my sentiments for this film. Catch it on cable, don't bother renting it.

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