Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 03/16/2014 - 03/22/2014


Once again, old faithful OneRepublic and Britney Spears took the top two spots on my playcounts for the week that ended on March 22 with Justin Timberlake amplified and increased in playbacks. A significant addition to the regular suspects was Tove Lo with her one track of hers "Stay High" that she debuted at SXSW. She's a Swedish singer that is just starting out and I saw that this song charted on iTunes, checked it out and loved it as bittersweet as it may be.
Lady Gaga also finally released her second music video off of "Artpop" for "G.U.Y." on Saturday night and so it had me rechecking the album that I wrote off last fall (and still do for the most part, although the Haus of Gaga film did use portions of songs off of 'Artpop' that were appealing. Justin Timberlake also released the music video to accompany the radio edit of "Not a Bad Thing" and the charming story within the music video has helped propel the song into the top 20 on the iTunes singles chart.

What I Watched


Need for Speed

So from the start when I initially saw the trailer and the teaser at the Super Bowl earlier this year I was thinking that it was trying too hard to be like the Fast and the Furious franchise a little bit too much and...I was dead on. This sorry excuse for a movie has the most wooden and stiff acting around and everything comes across as too cheesy/fake to even be a little bit enjoyable. And I don't know where this chick Imogen Poots is but it seems like she's in a lot of movies this year, and yet she isn't that great of an actress I saw her in "That Awkward Moment" with Zach Efron and Michael B. Jordan and wasn't impressed with her in there either. But please, I hope she goes away because she's interesting looking but a horrible actress. Another dud, check the out sometime on cable TV in two or three years.

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