Mighty Jo Young (jothelion84) wrote,
Mighty Jo Young

LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 05/11/2014 - 05/17/2014


So awhile ago I claimed I was ready to put "The New Classic" on my iPod but didn't after finding out it was trash...forgive my ignorance because try as I might to hate it, the album has really grown on me even tho I still don't like Iggy Azalea's accent. Also, the Avett Brothers continue to just wreck and dominate my playcounts as their latest has grown on me lately too. I am slowly warming up to "Magpie and the Dandelion" especially the live(?) recorded track "Souls like the Wheels" and the two earlier tracks that follow back to back "Another is Waiting" and "Bring your Love to Me".

What I Watched



It's not the best thing in the world but I still liked it a lot and Rose Bryne brought a lot to the movie by not being the perfect, neurotic wife married to a chubby slob/loser. Plus I really like Zac Efron and Dave Franco for the most part and it was a decent comedy...check it out if you ever have the chance to because it's fab. It could've been better but it was definitely better than a lot of the crap thrown at us these days.

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