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So to be honest Calvin Harris keeps on impressing me with his music - this current week that I'm writing from, I gave another listen to '18 Months' and I found NEW faves off the album. This hasn't happened since...Snow Patrol I think? Anyway between that and Chvrches - who I saw last year at FreeFest but have only recently been getting into - and Iggy Azalea I have a pretty good mix of new tunes. And I'm still stanning for 5 Seconds of Summer because their songs are cheesy and remind me of when I was young and carefree and I don't really care if that makes me look like a creeper. I like what I like man.

What I Watched



*************WARNING: SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD*************

So I kinda went into this thinking that it could be amazing or horribly bad and it was in the middle of those two...let me just say thank goodness Angelina Jolie is like in almost every second of the movie because she is the only thing that saves this film from being OTP for me. First of all, all the good parts were in the trailer for the most part and second of all I really hated how they kinda neutered Maleficent's character. The fact that Maleficent's kiss was the one that woke Aurora up with "true love's kiss" kinda was just to much for me to handle and I definitely rolled my eyes at it. That, and the fact that Maleficent never actually turned into a dragon was kinda a bummer for me NGL.

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