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LAST.FM TOP ARTISTS 06/22/2014 - 06/28/2014


So with Ed Sheeran's release of his hit second album, he ruled my playcounts and oh yeah, exciting news - I am going to his concert at Merriweather on September 6th. I got a good seat too so I'm pretty pumped at that. Other than that Iggy Azalea, Chvrches, Calvin Harris and Vampire Weekend all have been ruling my playcounts lately, and that's all she wrote. Except oh yeah there's a new single that just dropped that is pretty hot - MAGIC!'s debut single "Rude" which is kinda reggae rock and it's just infectious and catchy as hell.

What I Watched


The Fault in our Stars

So I went in not knowing much of the story line except for the cancer portion of the set up and I knew that it was one of the biggest fan-devoted followings in recent years. I liked it a lot - it took me a few days for the acting to settle in for me but everyone was pretty solid and it was well done. Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, and Laura Dern were incredible in it and it felt really real and just genuine although I did not see the ending coming in the way it did. I would definitely recommend it and IDK how much it had to do with the cancer subplot but I liked it a lot.

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